We present to you Ohm, my new personal project that is born of the heart.

My name is Olympia Hage Mussa. I was born in Barcelona, from a large family that had to abandon their country to escape civil war. I am the youngest of 7 brothers and sisters. My Father was in the military and I learnt from him to be faithful to myself and take consequences for my actions. My Mother, my muse, for whom I always felt a special fascination, taught me to discover beauty, in luxury but above all in simple things.

The first project my family set out to do was a business of construction materials, so I grew up around cables, plaster and plumbing. The business grew and my Mother brought in her good taste and sense in interior design and decoration, which were reflected in the small details of interior design. Since then my family opened various business, including a jewellers in Casablanca Morroco.

My strong character and my Love of freedom took me away from my family to look for diferent channels to express my creativity. Along with my sister, I studied design and patern design, and I did my first project in fashion design. I worked, studied, started various projects, failed many times and succeeded in others. Each new project, each failure, the same question was going round and round in my head : is it worth it?

And then I arrived to the island of Ibiza, paradise of light and of salt, with the illusion of yet another project under my arm, tea ceremonies in Pacha. My intention was to stay for the season, and next year I will be 10 years on the island! Here I have lived, worked, suffered disasters, felt, loved and culminated my biggest projecte ver, my daughter Ammalur, half Indian half Lebanese. Now I work as a stylist and interior designer, I decorate houses, boats, spaces for offices or businesses, impregnating my essence, experience and style into each project. The passion is my motor.

I have worked with photographers, stylists, big corporations and graphic designers. Including designing 2 fashion collections for big brands, 'hiding' myself behind a label. Now, with Ohm, my name is my label. This time I couldn’t do it any other way. Ohm is born of my essence, my triumphs, my failures, my connection with the island, my travels, my feelings, my losses, the people I have met along the way ... the same illusion I have always had and the same answer to the same question : Yes it is worth it, it’s always worth it.